But shoot to thrill."

"Aim to please...

Sometimes less is more.  This is especially true with Boudoir photography.  Getting attention without giving away the goods can lead to some of the best images.  Being comfortable in your own skin isn't always easy, but seeing yourself in a way you normally wouldn't can be very empowering.  Not unlike skydiving, you will survive.... But you will also be hooked on the adrenalin.  Make the leap and do something new.

As a Tallahassee photographer, you have to offer many services due to the wide array of customers. Anything from aerial panorama's to portraits could be next.  Boudoir sessions are offered to those looking for something sexy!  While we do keep our boudoir customers private images just that, private, we are happy to discuss your ideas and plan a session that meets all your expectations and will provide you with something that can range from mild to wild depending on what you would like to accomplish. These sessions can have multiple outfits that generally go from more to less...  Or sometimes just less.  Projects can be completed for a single image idea one at a time or as an entire session.  Contact us today and lets plan something special.  As always, estimates are FREE so don't hesitate to bring your questions and ideas.